Therefore, Why I yet continue

Tonight I am going to bury this box in the ground. I have been around the corners that life could throw me at. I have seen every face change colors like the wind. I have learned and un-learned every rooted belief I was born with.

Entangled in every lie told and every shot taken at me, and bled for days to come, I carried on. I have seen dreams go down the valley deep and have found preciousness like never before. Like the high tides and the sand, I have witnessed my pride be washed away. I have picked up the pieces and sowed them back together for I know, I am alive and I have no other way.

I know what it is to be rejected and I even know it feels to be adored. I have even seen that adoration vanishes in thin air right before my face. Sadly, yet I have not seen it all. Because I am still alive. I know what to say and I even know what not to say, but, I seek on the answer ‘why’. 

The process of learning and un-learning has made me witness the world around me fall down to pieces until; I put the bricks back where it belonged. Why? Maybe because, I am still alive.

I have seen love be made out of nothing at all, and I know even how love seeks reasons. I know when to face the truth and I still know why dreams are important to be dreamt up. I know the price I paid and I know what I lost, and on the way gained a little, on which I am alive.

I have screamed nights together to the wind and have been left unspoken for days at a time. Walls have ears and my God, do they hear every beat of my heart burst out of my chest. I can make every promise that can be made and I know why they can even be broken.

I have seen love walk right out of the door and another sneak in through the window. Because, all those times that I ran out of reasons to breathe, I knew exactly where to find the answers. I have skeletons safely put away in my closet and I even know the reasons why I put them away.

I have seen my graceless heart be tampered and ruined and I lived to feel the pain go numb. Hence, why it’s nothing but an amateur ride which I presently, call my life.

I have made all the demons be gone and called them at my service when I needed them again. I have been wretched and looted, and I am still alive because, my heart beats for the preciousness I have hidden somewhere deep inside me. I have seen nights turn into days, and time pass by, and I find patience because, the largest minority starts with ‘Me’. 

I have given it all; I have even locked myself up away from the reach of happiness. I know how it feels to be afraid of happiness, but I also am finding a reason every day why I should be happy.  Oh! I have rejoiced in exhilaration and know how softly the voice of silence speaks.

I know what it is to belong to someone and I even know how it feels to put the cold food away at night.  I have been the reason behind why my parents smile and also the reason behind why they are not.

I witnessed disappointment, for it taught me yet again, ‘why’.  It’s not a question, but a testimony of life that comes only with time.  

I know how the bruises burn and wounds sting, and I have even battled with the smile that makes a child want to hold your hand. I know how it feels to hold the fingers of a new born and have even seen a monster in the making.

But, not a moment that goes by, do I not wonder of why I have become the person who types this today. Would I change anything if I could turn back time?

Maybe not, under the same situation, but not like my regrets don’t scare the day light out of my ‘free will’. Would I dare to take the same steps in my voyage of ‘serenity’? Am I not? Am I not still typing this? I am, because, I am alive.

But those are all the things I know, which are almost nothing except the fact that, I am alive. I know how to cry and I know just how to lie to myself, for I even know just when to breathe.

I know when I should pull him closer, and I know why I shouldn’t at times. So, yes, I know how to break and tell myself to fix myself up again. Because, either I do everything to die and anything to live. And, I respectfully chose the latter. Not because I am a survivor, I barely make it anyway, but because, I have to brush my teeth either way if I wake up.  

And, I wake up every day knowing my heart will never be the same, but the ‘preciousness’ keeps me busy getting stronger.

So, I am telling myself, even on my weakest days that I am alive and I am not as brave to pull the trigger. I am happy because, my heart will never be the same; it is just different. I am getting myself used to my cards as they are dealt and worked upon. I am breathing because, I know it all yet nothing makes sense, and curiosity kills the cat.

Therefore, why I yet continue. 

World Cancer Day 2019 Theme Set To Break Barriers

World Cancer Day 2019

World Cancer Day 2019 Theme is set for people like you and me . Anybody who is anywhere can make a change. Did you know that 9.6 Million people die out of cancer every year?

That is a crazy number when you come to think of it. One-Third of the common cancers are preventable. It is absolutely unbelievable how the lack of cancer awareness can be such a staggering killer.

If you have been keeping up you know that heavily is spent on cancer research and treatment. But, what can you do to change things? There much that you can do. You can join cancer awareness events near you. Be an advocate for cancer education.

World Cancer Day | 2019 |

So, what can you do to help here? Even if you are a student and don’t have money to invest in the research or maybe build a hospital of some sort. Well, there are lot’s you can do to help.

World Cancer Day is marked on the 4th of February every year. If you are wondering what’s the theme then, this World Cancer Day 2019 Theme is set as #IamAndIWill .

You can absolutely do your bit and this World Cancer Day is a multi-year campaign that initiates change in our personal levels. You can start by simply doing your bit by starting a conversation about it.

You can join the battle by visiting, founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

You will find many ways to contribute. You can write a blog or even share their Anti-Cancer content and Cancer awareness content far and wide. You can help by making sure you make the small changes.

Once you have figured out the best mode of contribution, you can start by spreading the awareness. You will easily find my free download Cancer-Kit that tells me everything I need to know.

You can easily now make a difference form a click away. World Cancer Day Org gives you a multitude of opportunities to help out people. You can start by making a donation to or even share experiences so people can help start the change.

The more you talk to people about cancer awareness you can assist in cancer education for everyone. So, accessibility to treatment and help is something everyone can believe in, and you can hope for.